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Location June 1956:

Bernall Handbags
130 Madison Ave.
New York

Location June 1961:

Bernall Coordinates
130 Madison Ave.
New York City

Accessory market round-up

"Stressing the important shapes of the season, Bernall Handbags, 130 Madison Ave., has brought out many square, oblong, and long shapes, most of which coordinate with shoes. All are characterized by the lean, sleek look and a feeling of lightness. There are many contrasts of materials. Black velvet appears on a small clutch of blonde satin. Leather bags are piped in suede, leathers have varied texture interest. Beaver grains and broadtail-look leathers are included. Antique colors, Marino calf with gold underlay, blonde satin leather, are some of the fashion leaders. In dressy bags, the dull look of some fabrics is relieved by rhine-stone touches. Scroll silk, a bronze on black brocade and Catoir silk, a diagonally cut silk, are only two among many fabrics used alone, with each other, or combined with suede. Shapes are small or medium, and detailing is unusual.'' (Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 56)

The 1960s

Accessories for Fall 1961 were highlighted on page 49 of the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories," including this example by Bernall. Color were carefully matched to insure bags and shoes, made by different manufacturers, would be identical.

Bernall Coordinates, 130 Madison Ave., takes full advantage of the beauty of suede in this envelope. The triangular insert on the flap is done in three contrasting colors which are repeated on the toe of the matching shoe by Customcraft.

Bernall's Fall 1961 line is summarized on page 56 of the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories."

"Sleek styling and simple lines make an attractive bag line at Bernall Coordinates, 130 Madison Ave. Bags that have matching shoes are medium in size with an envelope feeling. A black suede bag is decorated with a triangular, pleated, satin insert which is available in various color combinations. A tabac and black box calf combination is used in two or three models. An interesting detail on these bags is cable stitching. A gold and silver fabric looks lovely in evening envelopes. This particular fabric can be dyed any color and is exclusive with Bernall. Reptile bags of Makasser snake are very smart in combinations of black, brown and beige. Calcutta lizard is used as trim on a sleek black suede. Both large and small styles in black calf are decorated with black alligator."

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