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Location June 1961:

The Barash Company
Maker of Meringue, Weldron & Vitalon
122 Fifth Ave.
New York 11, N.Y.

Full page ad October 1955 "Handbags & Accessories" page

"VITALON, in 35 exotic colors, gives a luxurious Llama Calf appearance to handbags and their linings. What's more, it has a lush, meaty hand, is easy to apply-and retains its fresh appearance in a new and wonderful way.
VITALON is the newest creation of Goodyear and is processed by The Barash Company, Inc., New York Converter. First introduced in the luggage field, it succeeded at once-you see it now, covering the best-name luggage made.
We believe VITALON will quickly win equally enthusiastic acceptance among handbag manufacturers. Here are just a few reasons why: 35 BEAUTIFUL COLORS SEALED IN-new VITALON process puts thick, tough, transparent armor between pigment and damage. VITALON is scuff-, water-, mildew- and rot-resistant—cleans with a damp cloth—keeps bags fresh and new looking.
RICH, MEATY HAND-makes VITALON a joy to touch, spurs quick sales-yet VITALON is so amazingly flexible and easy to apply that it simplifies production of even the most complicated forms. LOW COST—plus new manufacturing economies made possible by VITALON —is bringing smarter, better, more beautiful handbags to more people at more attractive prices. For complete information and samples, contact: THE BARASH CO., INC., 122 Fifth Avenue, New York 11, N. Y."

The 1960s

Meringue vinyl is a soft expanded foam vinyl made by The Barash Company and the Empress bag illustrating the material is an ideal vintage example. This type of vinyl is perhaps better known as mushroom vinyl and was all the rage in the early 60's. The surface of this vinyl is not abrasion resistant and is absorbent. It common for this vinyl to pick up color from surfaces and materials stored near them. As a result, many vintage bags show discolorations that cannot be removed. Special care in storage should be taken with these bags. A fabric storage bag is ideal. The text of this ad in the June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories", page 15, indicates an improved formulation designed to eliminate some of these concerns.\\

"The more durable finish of "Meringue" eliminates returns and complaints due to soilage, stains, customer handling and poor performance in use. It is a tougher and far superior wear-resistant finish, yet retains that ever-so-soft-to-the-touch feeling that creates sales."

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