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Location June 1942:

Artcraft Bag Studio
660 Lexington Ave.
New York

June 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, Page 63

Special Order Handbags

"Artcraft Bag Studio, a little shop tucked away at 660 Lexington Avenue between 55th and 56th St., does many unusual designs in handbags. H. Tenenbaum, designer and manufacturer, specializes in bags for coordinating with costumes, gloves or hats.
One very unusual type of bag made by Mr. Tenenbaum, is for those women who use hearing aids. He will design a bag around any type of hearing equipment. The bags have pockets for the instrument and an opening through which the wire comes. An entirely separate section is for the handbag. Bags of this sort are very smart and yet completely practical.
This firm makes a point of giving quick attention to orders from out of town. These are gotten out within a few days. Often stores send Mr. Tenenbaum fabric from a dress or coat with only a picture to go by and he makes up the special order. Prices at this house are quite reasonable considering the fine workmanship and details involved.

Several unique designs from Artcraft Creations

Art Craft Creations had a way with the unique! This example carried a Swiss watch, mounted to the front with a big metal snap. The red leather lining is spectacular. The bag measures 9w x 3.25d x 8.75h. Valued at $275

980232: Black leather Lunchbox vinyl bag by ArtCraft Creations. Black metal studs embellish the front above 2 external snap pockets. Snap latch opens to reveal bright red leather interior with three open sides pockets which are limp and not in wonderful condition. (see detail.) The lining shows significant wear, mostly scratches and a few dark stains. Solid leather handle. A bag not without flaws, but unique in my experience. Measures a roomy 11 1/2 x 4 x 7".

Sold for $35 on 1999 at Bag Lady Emporium


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