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Little information is avaialbe about this copy beside the owner's name, Arnold Cheashore. As per page 17 of Berkson's "Carry Me," he worked at Maxim Maxim and Llewellyn LlewellynInc before staring his own firm.

Back to School of Fall 1947 featured in Handbags Illustrated included this soft suede bag by Arnold Bag Co. It was made in brown and black and wholesale for $42 per dozen. (Handbags Illustrated July 1947, page 39)

This unusual upright rectangle sidelight bag in tortoise is a perfect example of Arnold Bag's distinctive design. A gold star embedded bag with this latch is illustrated as an Arnold example on page 69 of Berkson's "Carry Me."

This classic while Lucite box bag has some Arnold magic in the form of starburst trim and sparkling metal cylinder snap latch. An unmarked bag, identical but for rhinestone trimmed firefly trim, sold online for a mere $75 in 20011.

Lucite bags with extruded basket-woven sides are quite rare and most often are found unmarked. This pearly white example is marked Arnold Bags on the interior hinge. It suffered from fogging of the Lucite on the lid, a common fault caused by storing bags in plastic bags or uncontrolled humidity. The bag measures 4 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 4 3/8" and sold at auction for $85 in 2000.

In another incarnation of the woven side bag, this time in glitter embedded acetate, Arnold's unique take on the clutch latches with a flexible metal fitting that pierces the lid and slides over a metal escutcheon on the lid.

Log cabin style white Lucite handbag shows some design influences from Llewellyn and other makers including interior metal fittings used to latch, screw heads in the lid hidden by half round Lucite dots and the reverse bent long handle pins, curved back into the bag's body.

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