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Location 1955:
292 Fifth Ave.
New York 1, N.Y.

Location June 1961:

302 Fifth Ave.
New York

Aristocrat was represented by A.J. Bows AJBowsCo in Chicago in February 1950.

A national ad campaign for Lilly Dache' LillyDache wallet designs is heralded in this Aristocrat full page ad October 1955 "Handbags & Accessories" page 1

A technical innovation that allowed the reproduction of art masterpieces on satin produced a fad for bags and accessories in this tasteful new look. Aristocat's full page ad in the June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories," page 17, provides a look at the range of items and their wholesale prices.

"Aristocrat gives you the NEW in fashion... the most exciting idea in personal accessories for the fall season... MUSEUM MASTERPIECES. Each great painting has been authentically reproduced on satin in full rich color.
Your key to the MUSEUM MASTERPIECES ... $2.00 group: #8079, Fingertip, $14.40 Dz. boxed. In Bone, Black #8019, Billfold, $ 14.40 Dz. boxed. In Bone, Black -#3579, Lighter, $14.40 Dz. boxed. In New Fall Shades $1.00 group: #3325, Billfold, $7.20 Dz. #3355, Fingertip, $7.20 Dz. #33,71, 3x4 Frame Purse, $7.20 Dz. In New Fall Shades S3.00 #8389, Rollover, Inside Frame, S21.60 Dz, boxed. In Bone, Black."

More on "The Masters" line on page 61 of the June 1961 issue.

"Additional price range for "The Masters" series of purse accessories featuring authentic detailed copies of world renowned artist's work in full color panel inserts is announced by Aristocrat, 302 Fifth Avenue, New York, for fall. New series will retail for $1 and offer- billfolds and fingertip purses with miniature "Master's" inserted on marshmallow softee exterior. Units are shown in standard fashion colors, plus new high fashion colors of green, sandalwood, magenta. Master's series also includes change purse and key case to retail $1. New center-clutch picture fold and bill container is diary-shaped idea for young set even to scribble upon. With winter rose embossed motif on marsh-mallow vinyl, this comes in all colors to retail $1.
New $2 billfold line this fall will offer outside framed coin purse, plus 32-Vue pass case in all colors in cowhide."

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