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Location Showroom February 1950:

Arden Bag Corp.
38 West 32nd St.
New York City

The 1950's

Quarter page ad "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" February 1950, page 12

Preferred at $1.95. Faille in Black, brown, navy. Framed in Butterscotch Shell. $15.75 per doz.

Arden's move was announced in the Handbags column of the February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 75.

Arden Bag Moves to 32nd St.
Arden Bag has moved to 38 West 32nd St., New York, where factory and showroom are combined.
George Arden of the firm announces the following sales organization: Abe Weitz, midwest; Milton Sweet, west coast; Peter Powers, New England; Ken Hayes, export; Morris Kaplan, Miami and M. O. Lustic in Chicago.

FAILLE POUCH has gold trimmed shell frame . . . jaunty pleats in front and back. Is priced for promotion. By Arden Bag

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