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Location February 1950:

A.J.Bows & Co.
North American Building, Room 1202
36 South Sate Street
Chicago 3, Illinois

Jenet Handbag Co. JenetHandbagCo was represented by A.J. Bows in June 1949.

The 1950's

This very interesting half page ad in "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" February 1950, page 22 illustrates the type of "Stable" a handbag manufacturer's representative would put together. Various price points, qualities and styles would allow buyers to select from the lines of a number of makers in one location. Competing lines were avoided and manufacturers could have easier access to buyers in Chicago without the expense of setting up thier own showroom in town.

Each of our handbag sources has been deliberately chosen to perform its given part in our All-American Team. Each manufacturer is a nationally known professional in the handbag field. Each one is a contributing factor in making A. J. Bows and Co., the one showroom in Chicago to supply you with high fashion, quality handbags at the various price levels that constitute an ideal stock—from promotional "cheer leaders" to fine handmade bags.
This lineup assures diamond rich results with a team of world-series calibre—representing everything available for Spring and Summer handbag selling. Each player has earned his position by quality delivery—very smart, very current production. Place your money on our winning team.


$57 a dozen and up. Nationally known for spectacular performance. GuildOriginals

Sensational in setting up a score in sales Artflex

$35.65 a dozen. An all American favorite of superior class. GoldcrestFashionsInc

$22.50 a dozen. One of the top hitters in the field. MarkayBagInc

$15.75 a dozen. Mass appeal—plenty of hits—no errors. DubetteBagsInc

$7.20 to $240 a dozen. High fashion wallets rate a shut-out. Aristocrat

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