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The June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories" included an article introducing the hot Fall styles by various makers on pages 28-29.

Watch fabric and plastic town and country match mates

"Fall promotional handbag styles cover the fashion front from town to campus to suburb. Plastics have taken to color as never before and tapestries are seen in limitless variety. Silhouettes have taken a new twist and imaginative design is seen as never before.
Perched on a park bench, looking for all the world like they belonged there, are several promotional bags a fashion sampling of the fall market in both casual and dressy styles. These represent the current handbag trends in the low to medium price range. The soft, "gathered" look in pouches has gained even more importance over spring in Marshmallows and comparable plastic calfs. Another noticeable trend is the square envelope shape in larger sizes. Tapestries are still very important in many patterns and colors, with black grounds looking best. Brown, in "beatnik" espresso tones, or the lighter otters and taupes is the first color choice for fall. Black, of course, can never be replaced, especially in faille and broadcloth. Mulberry, a deep wine red, is seen at every promotional house as is spruce green, also dark. For late day and evening the colors are bright jewel tones of magenta, turquoise and emerald. Both clutch and handle styles are seen. The handle bags have a soft, rounded look in dainty sizes. Detailing on promotional type handbags has become more subdued and in good taste; the interiors are nicely finished. Some houses completely line the bags with faille or Marsh-mallow and finish with zipper compartments or attached change purses.

Harry Levine Corp., 20 W. 33 St., creates a petite cocktail punch of faille pleats (top left). The wide ribbon handle and clasp set with jet makes a fashion bag.

Boonton Handbags, 15 E. 32 St., makes this large pouch in soft, otter plastic(top center). The bag is completely lined and decorated with a stand-up clasp.

Kent Handbags, 330 5th Ave., uses a center shirred effect on an east west bag (top right). This feminine, dressmaker look is very good for fall.

Triangle Handbag Co., 22 W. 32 St., fashions a small satchel in a boxy shape (in hand). The frame is covered and the bag is in a medium brown.

Lowy & Mund, 15 E. 32 St., uses black broadcloth in a rounded satchel (left center). The fabric is draped at the bottom and the frame has gold filigree detail.

Sterling Handbags, 25 W. 31 St., goes east and west with a slim, streamlined bag. The sole detail is gold finish tabs at the handle ends. Pale taupe is the color.

Julius Resnick Inc., 16 W. 61 St., presents a classic envelope bag in "Kamel" a grained plastic (center right). The slanted flap is accented by gold detailing.

Char-Mode, 347 5th Ave., uses a harlequin tapestry in reds, whites and blacks to make a large-gussetted pouch. The rounded frame is accented by a black handle.

Loriet Fashions Inc., 362 5th Ave., fashions a tall satchel (on sidewalk), of black grained vinyl. The flap is decorated with placques naming far-away places.

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