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 (Handbags & Accessories December 1955, pages 32-33) 

Starting Jan. 3rd, 1956


The 1956 collection of Spring handbags far surpass anything ever shown before. You'll find perfect coordination with Spring shoe, belt, glove and hat fashions ... all created with the avowed purpose of maintaining American style leadership and to give you a successful selling season. Be sure to see this outstanding collection at our members' showrooms starting Jan. 3rd.

Abbot Bag Corp
Aberman Mfg. Co.
Ador Handbag Co. AdorHandbagCo
Aetna Leather Nov. Co., Inc. AetnaLeatherNoveltyCo
Allied Handbag Corp. AlliedBagCo
American Basket Corp.
American Handbags, Inc. AmericanHandbagsAmericanModes
R. Appel, Inc.
Art-Flex Fashions, Inc. Artflex
Arvey Handbag Co. ArveyHandbagCo
B. & D. Industries
A. Banner. Inc.
Bass Handbags, Inc. BassHandbags
Bellestone Bags
Belmo Fashions, Inc. BelmoFashionsInc
Berger Handcraft Bag
Berkshire Enterprises. Inc.
Bernall Handbags, Inc.
Bienen - Davis. Inc. Bienen-Davis
Bittman & Co.
A. Blatt, Inc. ABlatt
Saul Blatt & Co.
Chas. E. Block Co. BlockCharlesE
Bond St. Ltd.
Bonita Handbag Co. BonitaHandbagManufacturingCo
Brill & Brill JennyHandbags
Calem Handbag Co. CalemHandbag
Capri Handbags, Inc.
Carlin Bros. & Fried Inc. CarlinFriedInc
Castle Purses CastlePurses
Challenger Bag Co. Inc.
Chic Bag Co. ChicBagCompany
Chic De Paris Handbag Co. ChicDeParis
Coblentz Bag Co., Inc. CoblentzBagCo
Companion Bags, Inc. CompanionBagsInc
Concord Handbag Mfg. Co., Inc. ConcordHandbag
Crown Bags, Inc. CrownHandbags
Louis S. David Co., Inc. LouisSDavidCoInc
Debway Corp.
Deitsch Bros. Lea. Gds. Corp.DeitschBros
Delill Creations Co.DelillCreationsCo
De Marly Handbag Corp. DeMarlyHandbagCorp
Dobuler & Sons Lea. Gds. Corp.DobulerHandbagCo
Dofan Handbag Co.DofanHandbags
Dora-Bel Handbags Inc.
Dorian Handbag Co. DorianBagsInc
Dubonnette Handbag Co., Inc.
Edkay Hand Bags Inc.
Egan-Wagner, Inc.Egan-Wagner
Empress Handbag Co., Inc.EmpressHandbagCoInc
Fabrique Bags, Inc.Fabrique
Feiner Bag Co., Inc.
Femme Bags Inc.
Fine Arts Bag Co. FineArtsBagCo
F. L. Novelty Co., Inc.
Forst & Co. ForstCo
Gaber Handbag Co., Inc.
Wm. Gaber
Irving Gaines Inc. IrvingGainesIncLovelyBags
Garay & Co., Inc. Garay
Gil Bags
Gitlin Bros. GitlinBrosRushInc
Glen Bags, Inc. GlenBagsInc
Goldcrest Fashions. Inc. GoldcrestFashionsInc
Graceline Handbags, Inc. GracelineHandbags
Henry Green Inc. HenryGreen
Handi Bag Co., Inc. Handi-BagCompanyInc
The Haric Bag Co. HarlicBagCo
Harvin Bag: Co.
Heimer Brier Co., Inc. HeimerBrosFrankel
The Henry Co.
The Henry Lawrence Co.
Heary-Richards Co., Inc.
Hurwitz & Co., B.
Ingber, Inc. IngberCo
International Lea. Gds. Co.
Jana Handbag's, Inc. JanaHandbagInc
J. Jolles Studios JollesOriginals
David H. June
Kadin Bros., Inc. Kadin
Kaplan & Gordon Corp. KaplanGordon
Kent Handbags, Inc. KentHandbags
Martha Klein
G. D. Kleinberger, Inc. GDKleinbergerInc
Koret, Inc. KoretInc
Murray Kruger, Inc. MurrayKrugerBags
Ludwig Krumm Co.
LaFrance Handbags, Inc LaFranceHandbags
William LaVay
Jos. Lazarus Co.
Lesco., Ltd. LescoLtd
Harry Levine Corp. HarryLevineCorpHL
Lewis Purses Inc. LewisPursesInc
Lido Bags Inc.
Nat Lieb, Inc.
Llewellyn, Inc. LlewellynInc
Lowy & Mund, Inc. LowyMundLMEdwards
Lucille Bags, Inc. LucilleHandbags
Maben Bags Corp. MabenHandbags
Madison Handbags, Inc.
Magid Handbags AIMagidCoInc
Mam'selle Bags, Inc. MamSellBags
Mardane Handbag Co.
Markay Bags, Inc. MarkayBagInc
Marlow Handbag Co.
Martin Bags Inc.
Maxim Originals, Inc. Maxim
Maycraft Handbags, Inc.
B. A. Mayer Inc.
Meeker Co., Inc. MeekerCo
The Mel-ton Bags, Inc. Mel-TonHandbags
Meyers Mfg. Co. MeyersManufacturingCo
Michels-Drew Co.
Mondaine Handbag Inc.
Monitor Handbag Co.
Montpamasse Hdbgs. Inc.
Morris Moskowitz Corp. MMMorrisMoskowitz
Sol Mutterperl Co. StylemarkByMutterperl
Myles Originals MylesOriginals
New York Bag Co. NewYorkBagCoInc
Original Handbag Co. OriginalHandbagCo
Overseas Specialties Corp.
Paristyle Bags, Inc. ParistyleHandbagsInc
Peerless Handbag Co. Inc. PeerlessHandbagCo
Perfection Belt Mfg. Co.
Pichel, Inc. PichelInc
Pyramid Lea. Gds. Co. Inc. PyramidLeatherGoodsCo
Queens Purses Co. Inc
Reich, Nicholas NicholasReich
Reliable Nov. Handbag, Inc. ReliableNoveltyHandbagCo
Paul Rendel
Theo. Rendl, Inc.
Rialto Products RialtoProducts
Rich Craft Bag, Inc. RichCraftBagsInc
Ritter & Ritter Imp. Inc. RitterRitterInc
Rocco Handbag Corp.
Rockland Nov. Bag. Co.
Roger Van S. Inc. RogerVanS
Ronay, Inc. RonayHandbags
Harry Rosenfeld Co. RosenfeldHarryRosenfeld
Schoenfeld & Wolf Inc. SchoenfeldWolf
Sheldon Handbag Co. SheldonHandbagCo
Signet Handbags SignetHandbags
Simon Bros. Co. SimonBrothersCompany
A. J. Siris Products Corp.
Soure Bag Co., Inc. SoureBagCo
Spielberg Mfg. Co.
Sterling Handbag Co. Inc. SterlingHandbags
Style-Art Handbags Style-ArtHandbags
Stylecraft Bag Mfrs. StylecraftMiami
Susan Gail Handbags Inc. SusanGailHandbagsInc
Syracuse Ladies' Hdbgs. SyracuseHandbagsInc
Tino Products, Inc.
Triangle Hdbg. Mfg. Co. Inc. Triangle
Tyrolean Hdbg. Co. TyroleanHandbags
Vanity Fair Bags, Inc.
Vassar Import Bag Co., Inc. VassarImports
Viki Handbag, Inc. VikiHandbagInc
Waldman Bags Inc. AlbertWaldmanInc
Morris White Fashions Inc. MorrisWhiteMfgCo
Wilardy Originals Wilardy
Wilcof Originals WilcofOriginalsInc
Albert C. Williams Co., Inc.
Youth Mode Bags, Inc YouthMode
Z M Novelty Co.
Zelman Bag Co., Inc. ZelmanBagCo

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