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The August 1956 "Handbags & Accessories" pages 12-13 suggested store window display concepts for accessories.

Dramatize one idea in Accessory Windows
"Play up a good idea for all it's worth, and you'll find that the results are better than spreading your promotional effort over too large a territory."

"Leopard accessories were dramatized in this interesting window of fall merchandise by Conrad's of Boston. Display indicated wide selection."

"TOTE WINDOW featured by R. H. Stearns Co., Boston, showed the one style of handbag in a variety of interpretations for emphasis."

"It is often more effective, from the standpoint of a dramatic window display, to limit the number of ideas which you are trying to convey to the customer, and to put the emphasis on one or two rather than on a variety of themes. Customers often see your windows on the run; if you can get your message over to them as they pass by, they may stop for a closer look."

Leather came in for emphasis in this display by Toni Cipolla at Halle Bros., Cleveland.. All merchandise carried out one idea

Your theme may be any one of many usable ideas. You may want to play up a particular color, or a material; you may want to dramatize the fact that your department is headquarters for unusual accessories; you may want to emphasize one particular style or treatment of a handbag, belt, glove or other accessory; or you may want to stress the head-to-toe coordination theme through your windows. These are all usable themes; how you utilize them will reflect the character of your department.\\"

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