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"Quality—priced from popular to fantastic" themes Main Floor show

The third "New York Main Floor Accessories Show" opens at the Hotel McAlpin, in New York, Sunday noon, January 9th, 1955, and runs through January 13th. Show Manager, Alien Bryson, has announced that it will feature a carefully selected showing of spring and summer fashion accessories, planned to bring the buyer a distinctive group of quality merchandise, in a wide price range—from popular to "fantastically expensive." "While costly items certainly do not constitute a volume market," Mr. Bryson stated, "a sizable portion of our buyer-guests require a representation of higher priced line. He went on to explain that the luxury lines to be shown are "unique for design originality and outstanding quality."

Popular to medium priced lines will predominate, stressing good construction and fashion at a price. Among these will be many new resources which are expected to create interest. Jewelry lines will project practically every type, in a range of materials and colors for spring and summer. Among the lines exhibited will be cultured pearls, modernized marcasite, sterling silver and ceramic. A special group of imported Italian, French and German costume jewelry is offered.

Compacts and cigarette cases will be shown in jeweler's bronze, mother-of-pearl, gold and silver engraved, intricate beaded work and a variety of new treatments. Handbags are slated to appear in straws, braids, luxury plastics, leathers and exotic types from India, as well as French, Italian and Spanish imports and many novelties. Belts for casual wear will be offered in both leather and plastics, with designs to range from narrow to extra wide contour styles. A group of "flapper" belts, in keeping with the new silhouette, is a special highlight. Gloves to be shown range from inexpensive string gloves and staple fabric lines, to high fashion items imported from France, Italy and Spain. Scarves and neckwear will stress spring colors in a variety of unusual patterns 'and materials and include a number of French and Italian lines. A gala array of handkerchiefs, in festive designs and unique treatments, as well as staples will be shown.

Artificial flowers, from corsages and hair ornaments to handbag decorations, will be offered in a wide price range.

Personal leather goods lines promise exciting color stories and styling which incorporates many "firsts."

A permanent "Buyers' Service Department" has been set up at the Show's offices, 551 Fifth Avenue, N.Y. 17, N. Y., to assist buyers who desire information on exhibitors and their merchandise. Two coat check rooms will be available at the show, one on the 7th floor, one on the 9th floor. The Buyers' Lounge will be located on the 8th floor. Show hours are announced as follows: Sunday Jan. 9th, noon to 9 P.M., Monday, Jan. 10th, 10 A.M. to 7 P.M., Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. llth and 12th, 10 A.M. to 9 P.M., Thursday, Jan. 13th, 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

The February issue of Handbags & Accessories will recap individual exhibitors' lines for the benefit of those who will be unable to attend. (January 1955 Handbags & Accessories, page 34)


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