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This full page ad in the December 1955 Handbags & Accessories is the first example I've found of heat sealing technology applied to the handbags industry. (Dec 1955 Handbags & Accessories, page 7)

PROBLEM too-high labor rate on vinyl bags

SOLUTION:ELECTRONIC HEAT-SEALING DIES BY PETERSON They cost a bit more, true, but they pay for themselves.

"Peterson Electronic Sealing Dies are, beyond a doubt, the finest made. They will save you money on returns, and they pay other dividends, too. They will improve any vinyl hand bag made, which can win valuable prestige with the trade. They cut labor costs, and inefficient use of labor, too. (With the new minimum wage law, we don't have to emphasize how hyper-important this is.) So, be penny wise, and pound wise, too. Specify Peterson Electronic Dies, and see how much this superior product can mean to you in greater profits. Just tell us your problem and we'll do the rest." "Second Generation of Die Makers"

This half page ad on page 53 of the same December 1955 shows and example of the machines that accepted the dies above to weld the vinyl parts together.

An Electronic stitch in time saves expensive stitching

"HIGH FREQUENCY SEALING & HEATING EQUIPMENT fabricates plastics better, faster, at far less cost. What's your plastic product Luggage, handbags, wallets, insulated picnic bags? THERMATRON Electronic generators and presses come in a host of sizes and types for just about every purpose. Some have completely automatic feeds.

The modern THERMATRON electronically welds (doesn't stitch) and cuts, trims, even embosses in one simplified operation. Drops costs and boosts production, certainly. Sales get a big lift, too, because welded plastic products look better, sell easier."

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