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Full page public interest ad, "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," February 1950, page 99.

chest x-rays for my employees? ..ridiculous

Not so ridiculous, mister! Chest X-rays may show that people who feel in the "pink" are really suffering from active tuberculosis. In its early stages TB frequently has no symptoms at all.
It now leads all other diseases as the cause of death between the ages of 15 and 34. Tuberculosis kills almost 50,000 Americans every year.
This is shameful . . . shameful because it is a disease that can be wiped out if we will all take the first simple step required to wipe it out . . . have a periodic chest X-ray.
Tuberculosis costs the United States 1,000,000 working years annually and, for TB Hospital maintenance alone, more than ;?!,000,000 in taxes. How could you make a better investment than to lend a hand in helping to rid the country of this scourge!
Post this page on your bulletin board. Let your employees know that the greatest safeguard against TB is excellent health. Active disease does not occur so long as the body's resistance can successfully fight the TB germ.
Let them know that TB is contagious. It is spread through sneezing, coughing and personal contacts.
Let them know that TB is curable, and that the sooner it is detected, the quicker the cure.
Let them know, above all else, they will be doing themselves a favor, their families and community by having their chests X-rayed at least once a year .'. . starting TODAY!
Your cooperation can help save lives . . . maybe your own.
The Advertising Council
A non-profit Organization representing all phases of advertising, dedicated to the use of advertising in public service. 25 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.
Published in the public interest by Handbags & Fashion Accessories, 1170 Broadway, New York 1, N.Y.

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