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Nylon Riots

In August of 1945, only eight days after Japan's surrender, Du Pont announced that it would immediately return to producing nylon stockings. The next month stockings went on sale at a limited number of stores. Thousands of people showed up for the stockings, which quickly sold out, and so began the first of the so-called "Nylon Riots." Throughout 1945, stores were besieged by mobs of women who had learned of the sales by word of mouth. Du Pont, not fully recovered from its wartime conversion, could not keep up with the demand. People waiting in line were disorderly and police had to disperse crowds. When stores sold out of the precious hosiery, fights broke out. In Pittsburgh, the mayor arranged for a stocking sale in response to a petition by four hundred women. On the day of the sale, 40,000 people lined up to fight for 13,000 pairs. Similar scenes took place all across the country. History of Household Marvels

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