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August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 14


The new recruits leave the Army recruiting building in New York City for their trip to Des Moines They carried their own luggage.

"Added customers for the luggage department are the women who left their homes early in July for Des Moines, Iowa, to become members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, and more women to enlist in the future. In addition to the soldiers themselves are their thousands of relatives and friends who in the not distant future will be making trips to visit the new soldiers in camp.
Here is a promotional idea well worth the consideration of all alert retailers of luggage and leather goods."

When three girls from the East arrived at Des Moines they had a little trouble finding their luggage among the great pile that came in with the WAAC from all over the country. From left to right the new soldiers are Helen Hager, New York City, Joan Strongin, of Far Rockaway, N. Y., and Nancy Heller, of Rumson, N. J.

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