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The onset of war with Japan dramatically cut supplies of rubber from the far east. Tires were a priority, so other applications saw their supplies dried up immedately. Chemists were on the job. (February 1942 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods, page 54.)

Rubber Cement Substitute

"As a substitute for rubber cement in the manufacture of luggage, Synthex has been introduced by the Seaboard Chemical Company, Woodbine, N. J. It can be applied either by brush or spray gun, is not inflammable and may be diluted for more economical use. When dry, it may be bandied in the same manner as latex and rubber cement, and cemented pieces of fabric, leatherette or leather ma}' be folded or put together hours or days later."

Same issue, page 65, carries this display ad for Peters Bros. Rubber Co, Inc.


"Peters' went on the "alert" back in 1938, their Laboratories all-out for dependable rubber substitutes - just in case! Today Peters' customers still enjoy a safe, sure source of supply-despite War's problems-and the same superior,uniform high quality,backed by 62 years of "Knowing How." Peters' are ready, waiting your call."

August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 52 Handbag News

Rubber Cement Substitute

Seaboard Chemical Co. has just introduced a new rubber cement substitute which is being sold under the name of #888 Super Seatex. According to information received it is the closest thing that man has yet made to replace 60% Latex. Super Seatex is made entirely of non-priority materials so that there are no restrictions on its manufacture.
This product may be applied with a brush, machine or a spray. It is milky white like latex and forms a transparent film yet it is said to remain soft and pliable when dry.
In the manufacture of handbags it is suitable for folding and tacking and for combining with fabric or leather.
Display ad August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 59

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