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Location February 1942:

Prentice Mfg. Co.
200 Fifth Ave.
New York
As war production geared up, manufacturing shifted for domestic production to military. This full page ad (page 51) in the February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods attempts to reassure regular customers that zippers will be available in limited quantities.


"DURING the first World War Prentice produced for the armed forces millions of clothing hardware items. The government continued purchasing from Prentice over the twenty-five subsequent years.
NOW, during the present World War, Prentice again supplies these items by the millions. In addition, the Army, the Navy, and other government departments are using millions of Prentice Dependable Slide Fasteners.
TO OUR REGULAR CUSTOMERS we are still supplying "NU-ZIP" and "Streamline" Dependable Slide Fasteners in limited quantities. We will continue to make shipments— to an extent consistent with governmental requirements and the metal situation. G. E. Prentice Mfg. Co., New Britain, Conn."

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