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Location April 1942:

Majestic Rayon Corp.
Maker of Plexon
116 West 23rd St.
New York City

The trademark for Plexon was registred Feb 3, 1942 to Freydberg Bros. of Stamford, Conn. By April, this celluloisic material coated fiber was available to manufacturers, just in time to replace more traditional materials now restricted to war use.

Display ad April 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 61

Full page ad June 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 45

116 West 23rd Street
New York City


We very seldom directly contact ultimate users of our yarns. Usually, the weaver, the braider, the knitter, the embroiderer, the hand crocheter—the actual converter of our yarns—transforms these yarns into products familiar and interesting to you.
However this past season we introduced Plexon* plastics. It was an entirely new medium and we thought the fabricator would be hesitant to go overboard until this unusual plastic had proven itself. Thanks to you. he went overboard with such a splash that we were barely able to keep up with his demands.
This coming season we know the demand by you will be much greater. We've made new sizes so that your fabrics will be more novel. We've developed finishes so that the tapes and threads can be had in dull or brite effects in any color with the same perspiration proof, greaseproof, oil proof and moisture proof qualities that it has now.
We've attempted to make Plexon's possibilities endless. To do this we again need your support. Let us work with you in establishing Plexon as a definite part of your product for the coming season. Any knowledge we have is at your disposal.

We trust you will permit us an opportunity to serve you. Very truly yours.


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