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Slack Bags and Plastics in Spotlight
"Current events have brought about an entirely new type of handbag that is beginning to show volume sales possibilities. We are referring to .the small slack purse! There is a definite trend towards slacks not only for sports but for regular daily and informal evening wear. On the West Coast women have long been wearing slacks for almost all social occasions. This fashion is gradually working its way into every part of America.

Plastic strips and lacy design plastic cord top zipper bag trimmed with contrasting colored calf. Retail $5. From Goldsmith Bros. GoldsmithBros

The handbag buyer should watch this trend carefully so that she may have the right type of purse for each type of slack. For instance, the woman who has a well-tailored suit with an extra pair of slacks to match, will definitely want a fine little bag to carry with her costume. The snakeskin one at the 'left above, has been designed for this purpose. The bag that may be attached to a belt is perfect for the woman who wants her hands and arms free for defense work.

Washable plastic envelope bag of red and white woven plasticord. May be had in a variety of colors. Retails $2.95. Westerman-Rosenberg. WesleyWesterman-Rosenberg

It is not too early to start planning for your first outdoor holiday. White and colored bags will be in demand for Decoration Day. Plastics in many variations are available and their washability and light weight are splendid Selling points.

Oversized top zipper bag of plastic plaques with multi color tenite trim. Fitted with many pockets. Retail $5. Goldberg & Seltzer. GoldcrestFashionsInc

April 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 38

June 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 44

Plastics Preferred
New York Store Retail Handbag Advertising Majors in Plastics During Late May

Headlines shriek "Plastics"! As predicted earlier in the season, plastic handbags are terrific. They are accounting for the greater portion of summer handbag business not only in New York, but in many stores throughout the country. They figure prominently in the reorders being placed on summer handbags.
During the last week of May, just before Decoration Day, many New York stores featured plastics in large advertisements. These covered the entire gamut . . . woven, plastic plaque, fancy mesh and net.
Easy cleanability and color brightness is the central theme of each store's copy. Macy's asks, "What looks white, cleaner? What feels cooler under your arm ? What wears without wilting all summer long? Our Ice-cube plastics", is the answer.
Although $3 and $5 are the best selling price-lines in plastic bags, it is interesting to note that others at $3.95, $5.95, $7.95 and $10.50 are also featured.

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