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February 1942 Luggage & Leather half page ad, page 53.

How this War Fund is Used
Provides for the care of the Army and Navy, including services to men in hospitals and during convalescence, Provides an important link between the service men and their families. Provides essential medical and other supplies outside of standard Government equipment. Operates Red Cross headquarters at camps and naval stations. Enrolls blood donors and medical technologists for Army and Navy need. Provides millions of surgical dressings, sweaters, socks, etc. through volunteer workers.

Supplies emergency needs for food, clothing, shelter and medical attention for disaster victims. Assists stricken families in repair of homes and other adjustments; provides minimum reserves of essential relief supplies to prevent unnecessary delays.

Trains volunteers for home nursing and nurses' aides. Trains nurses, men and women, for active duty with the Army and Navy. Trains volunteers in First Aid and accident prevention, in Motor Corps, Canteen and Production. Organizes for evacuation of children and their families from stricken areas. Assists Red Cross Chapters in establishing effective coordination of emergency relief.

Gives assistance and service to the 3,740 Red Cross Chapters with their 6,131 Branches responsible for local Red Cross activities."

Handbag News story same issue page 69

Funds for Red Cross

"The Leather Goods division, supply people and the Luggage Division of New York entertained with a cocktail party on Thursday evening, January 15, at the Essex House to open their drive for the Red Cross.
A large crowd turned out and were very liberal in their contributions. Many handed in their pledges to the committee in charge. More than half of the anticipated quota of $25,000 was subscribed at the party. It is expected that the entire amount will be raised by the end of January.
Dick Joly from the American Red Cross opened the drive with a very sincere message asking for the cooperation of all firms and individuals. Other speakers were Ossip Wolinsky of the Pocketbook Workers Union of New York, and Sam Haus-man, chairman of the affair.
Other members of the committee who helped to make the drive so successful were Max Tannenbaum, Murray Seltzer, Harry Levine, Sol Mutterperl, Sam Goldsmith, Richard Koret, William Kadin and Milton Daub and Maurice Levitan of the Luggage Division."

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