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Ace Auto Luggage Co.
Amity Leather Products
Atlantic Products Co.
Atlas Luggage Mfg. Co., Inc.
Belber Trunk & Bag Co.
Bosca Mfg. Co.
Boyle Leather Goods Co.
Brush Kit Co.
Crown Luggage Co.
Diskin Rosenthal Corp.
Eiseman Kaye Co.
Eisenstark & Lipshitz
Feldman, I. M.
Franklin Leather Goods Co.
Fulton Leather Goods Co.
Gardner Pocket Book Mfg. Co.
Hagerstown Leather Co.
Hamley & Co.
Hinson Mfg. Co.
Innovation Trunk Co.
Kaufmann Co., K.
Krogh, Joe
Lincoln Luggage Co.
Mashek & Co.. Frank
Mutual Brief Case Co.
Nathan Products Corp.
Peerless Traveling Goods
Rauchbach-Goldsmith Co.
Ruby, Samuel
Rumpp & Sons, C. F.
Stanley Mfg. Co.
Stanley & Stanley, Inc.
Schell Leather Goods Co.
Stein Bros. Mfg. Co.
Superior Belt Co.
Travelers Bag Co.
United Luggage Co.
United States Travelware Corp.
Wheary Trunk Co.
Wilt Trunk Co.
Aarenau & Wolf, Inc. AarenauWolf
Alien Leather Goods Co.
Arthur Bags Cahn Associates
Beacon Leather Goods Co., Inc.
Biltmore Bag Corp.
Burstein & Bros., Inc., Chas.
Charles Handbag Co.
Coblentz Bag Co., Inc. CoblentzBagCo
Coed Bag Co.
Colonial Bead Co., Inc.
Cornell Mfg. Co.
Crystal Leather Goods Co.
Deauville Bags, Inc. DeauvilleBagsInc
Deitsch Bros. Leather Goods Corp. DeitschBros
Dolly Muff Co.
Elite Leather Goods Co.
Fashion Ladies' Handbag Co.
Fine Arts Bag Co.
Gold Seal Importers, Inc. GoldSealImporters
Goldsmith Bros. GoldsmithBros
Halberstadt, Inc. HalberstadtCo_WolfBrosInc
Import Bag & Bead Corp. ImportBagBeadCorp
Ingber & Co. IngberCo
Kadin Bros. Kadin
Kaplan & Gordon Corp. KaplanGordon
Kash, Inc., Benjamin
La Mode Handbag Co.
Lincoln Leather Goods Co.
Locktite Co.
Lujean, Inc. LuJeanBagCo
Magid Co., A. I. AIMagidCoInc
Margolin & Co., Inc., H. Margolin
Markel, Inc., M. M.
Martha Lind Creations
Meeker Co. MeekerCo
Meyers Mfg. Co.\\ MeyersManufacturingCo Michel, Maksik & Feldman MichelMaksikFeldman
Mirro Leather Goods Co.
Modern Handbag Co.
Molomut Mfg. Co. IMolomut
Mutterperl, Inc., Sol. StylemarkByMutterperl
New York Bag Co.
Nu Mode Bag Co., Inc.
Parisian Handbag Co.\\ ParisianHandbagCo Paulbe Co. PaulbeCo
R. & K. Leather Goods Co.
Richley Handbag Co., Inc.
Ritter & Ritter, Inc. RitterRitterInc
Robbins & Weitz, Inc. RobbinsWeitzInc
Royal Bead Novelty Co.. Inc.
Salon Novelty Bag Co., Inc.
Schoenfeld & Wolf. Inc. SchoenfeldWolf
Schoenholtz & Weeks, Inc.
Schwartz-Weisberg Handbag Co. Schwartz-WeisbergHandbagCo
David Stair
Smith Marion, J. E. MarionJESmithCo
Steinhardt Import Co.
Style Bag Co.
Style Craft Bag Co.. Inc. StylecraftMiami
Universal Leather Goods Co.. The
Virginia Art Goods Studios, Inc. VirginiaArtGoodsStudio
Corograms. Inc.
Monocraft Initials
Rames Products
Allied Kid Co\\ American Plywood Corp\\ Arrow Products Co.Inc\\ Art Photo-Associates\\ Aszo Chemical Co.\\ Asher & Boretz Actorloid Mfg.Co,Inc
Barth Binding Co
Blanchard Bro. & Lane
Boonton Molding Co
Brightman Leather Co
Brody & Co
Byron & Sons of Maryland, Inc.
Celluloid Corp. CelluloidCorporation
Connelly & Powell
Cotex Corp.
Dabar Novelty Co.
Eagle Slide Fastener Co.
Elite Specialty Metal Co.
Fear & White
Fibre Case & Novelty Co., Inc.
Flieg Chemical Co.
Footwear Shoe Hardware Div.
Fortuna Machine Co.
Fulford Mfg. Co. FulfordManufacturingCoFulco
G. & W. Leather Goods Supply Co.
Guth Stern & Co.. Inc.
Gutmann & Co.
Melvin Henkin, Inc.
Hausman & Sons, M.
Holden & Quick
Hookless Fastener Co.
Insel Co., The
International Silk Guild
Kaufman & Falk, Inc.
Keratol Co.
Kwikprint Co., Inc.
Leathercraft Mfg. Co.
Lowenstein, Inc.. Casper CasperLowensteinInc
Maimin Co., Inc.. H.
Mergott Co., J. E. JEMergottCo
McKeag & Lee
Mershon Mfg. Co.
Newman Tool Co.
Nifty Brush Co.
North & Judd Mfg. Co.
Ohio Leather Co. OhioLeatherCompanyInc
Peters Bros. Rubber Co. PetersBrosRubberCo
Polachek. Z. H.
Presto Lock Corp.
Roser & Sons, Inc., Herman
Salomon & Phillips
Schmit Trunk Co.
Simplex Gold Stamping Press Co.
Silgo Leathers, Inc.
Solomon, H.
Sosy, Inc.
Spaulding Fibre Co., Inc.
Spruce Leather Co. SpruceLeatherCo
Stadler Photographing Co.. Inc.
Standard Products Corp.
Stein Bros. Mfg. Co.. Inc.
Trostel & Sons Co., Albert
Universal Trunk Co.
United States Rubber Prod. Co., Inc.
United States Trunk Co.
Waldes Koh-I-Noor, Inc.
Warren Leather Goods Co.
Weisman & Teres
Winslow Bros. & Smith Co.
Zapon Co., The Zapon

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