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A curvaceous and cool Blue-Gray Llewellyn Lucite Bag. The body is trimmed along the bottom edge with a floral metal binding which actually forms the bottom inch of the body of the bag. This metal trim is perforated and quite unique in that there is no lucite behind the metal trim. The bag is in excellent condition in all respects but it is missing one transparent blue hemisphere cap from the back handle attachment which simple would have covered the end of the metal handle rivet. Stands on four hemisphere feet. A rare collectible Llewellyn! Alas, this bag developed Bakelite Disease in storage and had to be withdrawn from inventory. Add Llewellyn Blue to materials subject to this archival scourge. Measures 7 x 5 1/4 x 3 1/4".

This item was part of the archives of the Bag Lady Emporium, originally in operation from 1996 through 2022 (Inventory ID 971085).

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