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Sadly, this huge, statuesque black Leather handbag by Jerry Moss| Holiday arrived too damaged to sell. It is the poster child for "Don|t Overload Your Handbag," and the body has pulled out of the frame and a futile repair was clumsily handled. In spite of that, I|ve seen so few of these great bags, it deserves mention for collectors. This company is not well documented, but the bags are so beautifully designed and constructed, I always look for them. The single 1" wide handle attaches front with a tab like end and back with a plain stitched flat end. That fabulous Gold filigree cube latch is so unique! Red Leather lines the interior which is fitted with 3 open pockets and one metal zip pocket. Measures an amazing 10 3/4 x 11 1/2 x 3" with the handle soaring 7" above the frame.

This item was part of the archives of the Bag Lady Emporium, originally in operation from 1996 through 2022.

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