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A sexy black leather sculptural handbag by Jerry Moss Holiday. The outer body of the bag is an oval bottomed bucket with a deep "V" neckline. Peeking out from the "cleavage" is the double gold frame latch that has certain anatomical characteristics. The interior is fully lined in spotless black taffeta. The lining does show some wear along the edge of the open pocket and near the edge of the frame on one side (See detail). The inner latched portion of the bag is permanently fixed within the leather bucket and is covered in black suede. The interior of the bucket is lined in black moiré. There are two shallow open areas front and back of the latching section. Measures 6 x 2 3/4 at the oval bottom, 11 inches at the shoulder and 14 inches to the top of the handle. This bag will not pass unnoticed. Sold for $135 in 2003.

This item was part of the archives of the Bag Lady Emporium, originally in operation from 1996 through 2022 (Inventory ID D00011).

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