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Hexagonal front and back with contour sides and bottom in one piece combine to make this unusual transparent smoky white Florida Handbag. Label Adhesive is still present but the label is long gone. Front-to-back mounted hinged strap handle varies in width from 3/4" at the center to 1/4" at the ends and is carved in an "X" pattern, echoing the diagonal carving of the clear lucite lid. Silver metal fittings are all in excellent condition. Tiny hairline from one hinge pin. Slight body fogging on one end and some lid and handle crazing if you look VERY closely. Measures 8 1/2 x 4 x 3 3/8".

This item was part of the archives of the Bag Lady Emporium, originally in operation from 1996 through 2022 (Inventory ID 990417).

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