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Bag Lady Baubles Collection is Under Construction!

Bag Lady Baubles are wearable art objects, handmade by Marion Spitzley, the proprietress of The Bag Lady Emporium since 1996. Vintage materials and/or vintage patterns are used extensively and sources noted. Each item is numbered, signed and dated. All Baubles will be documented for the future on the Bag Lady Emporium Web Site and the Bag Lady University Research site.

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Dynamic Art Moderne Thermo Plastic Stone Bracelet 1) Inventory # C00130: Dynamic Art Moderne Thermo Plastic Stone Bracelet
Dynamic Art Moderne style 50's bracelet is a blend of mocha brown thermo plastic, contoured oval stones and geometric metal setting. Indentations in the stones and metal fret work provide visual movement. There is some plating wear at the attachments of the medallions and a few surface scratches. Measures a longer-than-average 7 5/8 inches.
Descriptors: 1950s, Bag Lady Baubles, Bakelite and Plastic Jewelry, Brown/Earth Tones, Gold, Jewelry, Plastic, Unsigned Jewelry
Status: Available