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Butterfly Perfume pin 1) Inventory # 960644: Butterfly Perfume pin
A 1 1/4" wide x 3/4" long butterfly pin in what appears to be brass. The entire back under the "c" clasp pin is a slightly raised pierced panel with absorbent material inside. The butterfly, wings spread, is embellished with small details of yellow, red, lt. blue and black enamel and tiny clear rhinestones. The enamel shows some wear on the raised areas of the body. An attractive older piece
Descriptors: 1920s, Jewelry, Metal, Multicolor, Perfume Jewelry, Unsigned Jewelry
Status: Available  
Estee Lauder perfume glace' necklace 2) Inventory # 960509: Estee Lauder perfume glace' necklace
Estee Lauder perfume glace' necklace: Goldtone round (2" diameter) locket-type with central blue stone on slightly domed front with ray pattern radiating from center overlaying fine concentric engraved circles. Back is identical except stone is replaced by concentric circle and dot pattern. Suspended in 2 places so locket doesn't rotate. Marked "Estee Lauder" inside front and "8" inside back.
Descriptors: Estee Lauder, Gold, Jewelry, Metal, Perfume Jewelry
Status: Available  
Vanda USA Perfume Glace' Pin 3) Inventory # 970681: Vanda USA Perfume Glace' Pin
Brushed Goldtone Perfume Glace' Pin. Owl with green rhinestone eyes. 1 3/4" long x 1 1/4" wide, more detailed than the larger Avon version. Lift at feet to open the compartment hidden under tummy. A more recent piece in excellent condition marked "Vanda USA" inside top of compartment.
Descriptors: Gold, Jewelry, Metal, Perfume Jewelry, Vanda USA
Status: Available